Atoy Martinez Cinematography, a potential film production, appears to have started in 2001 as a mere hobby, and then eventually found its niche in the market by the year 2006. Atoy Martinez is honest enough with regards to his misadventures, but opted to continually apply the familiar formula to most entrepreneurs – the power of perseverance.

“Initially, like most other businesses; we started out having adjustments. From the entrepreneurial perspective to artistic set-up, everything was learned first-hand. The company started out from scratch, but with constant research analysis and consulting; it turned out positively,” says Atoy.

Due to the business’ distinctive and specialized services, the film production has cultivated a well-acknowledged reputation. From traditional wedding and debut coverage, the team reinvented its scope by catering Corporate Events, Television Ads, Audio-Visual Presentations (AVPs), Music Videos, Short Films, Aerial Photography, Aerial Videography and Documentaries.


“We always want to give something new to our clients. We always see to it that we regularly give them options to consider in line with the advancement of technology,” says Atoy.

Since then the company has expanded, gaining clients from other parts of the globe. Aside from its creative stint, Atoy Martinez Cinematography has also received several awards and recognition. It has produced short films such as “Ripples of the Lake” which won during the  Junior Philippines Institute of Accountants (JPIA) National Short Film Festival, and “Renek (To Be at Peace)” also won at the Maranao Film Festival and nominated for Best Short Film at the Gawad Urian.  ( counterpart of the United States’ New York Film Critics Circle. )

“All the recognition is highly appreciated of course, but as much as possible we see to it that we stick to our core values as a business entity. Our production should always be a home for creativeness, ethics, professionalism, accountability and character, “says Atoy.

It is a challenge to come up with films that engages patrons, and delivers good results.  Every element is considered important. That is why when producing a film; Atoy Martinez Cinematography does not only consider its own ideas, but rather entertains collaborative efforts from clients as well.

With attentive approach to details that goes into every project it makes – from brainstorming to actual filming; Atoy Martinez Cinematography is truly a business with a heart.

Email : info@atoymartinez.com

Mobile : 09355998555